Michael Buble..Christmas.....Happy December!!!Καλό μήνα μετά μουσικής...

starting my post with a lovely x-mas medley from M.Buble who I find so talented and some inspiring images...

so I had a hot chocolate in the morning.

decorated my first corner with sth small just to get the x-mas feeling..στόλισα το πρώτο μου στολίδι με κάτι μικρό και συμβολικό απλά για να νιώσω την ατμόσφαιρα..

I always make my own ornaments so I looked up for ideas..

I can't wait to make traditional greek sweets like melomakarona and kourampiedes -I'll give you my recipes too soon!! -

of course I started my list with all the gifts I want to get for my beloved ones..I won't spend much I ll use my imagination and creativity..aren't these teddy bears a very cute suggestion for a present?

post again soon!!! Again..