Not your automatic toaster.

This is the type of toaster we had when I was young. You toast one side, flip it over and toast the other side. Yes we had a lot of burnt toast.

Sunset at the Depot.

I was at the depot hoping to get a picture of a train - no trains so I took this picture.

Malan Breton - Contemporary Japanese Wedding

Malan Breton New York Fashion Week

In the event New York Fall 2011 Fashion Week, Malan Breton show an exceptional design. As seblumnya designs, Malan Breton has always attracted the attention of journalists and fans of fashion. This time Malan Breton comes with Contemporary Japanese Wedding dresses. What a fantastic masterpiece. Merging contemporary culture with modern style. Creating a new contemporary culture that more modern.

Malan Breton - Contemporary Japanese Wedding

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Pretty Lady

I was taking pictures in Selma yesterday and got this shot in one of the antique stores.

Electric Power

When you flip your light switch to the on position, do you ever wonder where your electric power comes from? Did it come from the Sharon Harris Nuclear Plant, the Roxboro coal fired plant or did it come from Smith Mountain Hydroelectric plant? Can we request what type of power we would like to receive?

Celebrity fashion summer dresses style

The type of dress suitable for summer and warmer weather include Bodycon Dresses. Bodycon dress is form fitting and sexy dresses. If you’re working in the summer and then want to the beach, wearing a bodycon dress is the right choice for you to show off.

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Gucci Handbags Collection

Gucci Handbags 2011 Collection

Gucci Handbags Collection - Gucci, or the House of Gucci, is a leading brand of fashion goods and leather. His name is synonymous with style and luxury. The company was founded in 1921 by Guccio, the Gucci fashion designer. Gucci is a good fashion brand. Gucci has nearly 300 stores worldwide and annual revenues of more than $ 2.5 billion. The building Gucci, better known simply as Gucci (Italian pronunciation: [? Utt i]), is an Italian fashion and leather goods label, part of Gucci Group, owned by French firm Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR).

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Sunset over Dixie Dr.

After supper I walked outside and saw this sunset. Yes! I went back and got my camera.

Today was Labor Day!

I always reward myself with a cone of ice cream on Labor Day.

The Influence of Celebrity Fashion to the Enjoys

Our society is initiating a celebrity as a diva of fashion and style. Celebrities lot of fashion and style icons made by fashion magazines and tabloids. Fashion tabloid reporters and photographers sometimes have to go to the beach or the sea to find and cover the celebrity fashion trends, but they usually look for the celebrities on the red carpet, even when the celebrities are shopping can also be used as news, how they dressed.